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No more messy meals. Just EZ Feeding and Nutrition!

Why Is It Special

Easy to use

Feed and Hydrate yourself, loved ones, or those in your care with ease. Cleanly and Easily squeeze the nutrients

Useful Design

We designed this feeder to allow easy feeding with no drips. The EZ Squeeze bottle is user friendly

No Mess Feeding

Our Hydration Helper replaces messy spoons and hard to use straws making meal times quick, easy and clean

Hydration Helper Open Bottle

Easy to Fill and Clean!

Our EZ Hydration Helper has been created to make filling thickened and liquid foods easy. When you are done, clean-up will be a breeze with removable end caps. We recommend that all pieces be hand washed.

The EZ Feeding Hydration Helper is great for both institutional and home use. Healthcare givers are sure to appreciate the ease of use!

Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

Real world users have given the Hydration Helper rave reviews as it quickly and easily feeds and hydrates patients.

Helping Improve Health

Our Hydration Helper has been designed with the patients health in mind. Increasing fluids is a great way to help improve health.

Daily Requirements

The Hydration Helper helps patients who normally struggle to get daily fluid intake to easily get 64oz of fluids or more daily!

Perfect Design

The angled tip has been designed to allow the patient to not need to tilt their heads, improving feeding, messes, and safety.

Industry Unique

Our Hydration Helper has been designed to be your 'go to' feeding helper at meal time. It is a no muss, no fuss way to feed both children and adults!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our Hydration Helpers and back it with a limited lifetime warranty.

Hydration Helper Feeder Tip

Easily Customizable!

The feeding tip has been designed to make it easy to feed with different food/liquid thicknesses for pureed and liquidised foods and drinks. The tip has been designed to handle 3 of the main thickness types: Nectar ( very thin ), Honey, and Pudding ( very thick ).

Using a pair of scissors, cut in the middle of the desired thickness level on the tip. After cutting, make sure that there are no shap edges! The blue silicone cap will then fit over the top and help keep your thickened food/liquids from spilling.

Our Story

50 years ago my wife, Sue, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, devastating news to us as we were a young couple, and with me freshly out of the Navy we were without insurance and broke. We found an incredible Chiropractor, Dr. Terry Surtin, who was just out of medical school himself, who decided to take Sue on as a special case study to see if he could help us with Sue's care. The main thing he stressed for us then was proper nutrition and hydration, which is extremely important to us even to this day.

Since that early diagnosis we have trusted in those early words and done our best to keep Sue as hydrated as possible, but as her health has deteriorated over the years, the task has been a constant challenge for us. In addidion to her MS she has also developed issues like Diabetes, brain seizures, blood clots, bed sores, dimentia and frontal lobe syndrome. Any one of these would be challenging on its own, but we choose to fight!

In 2015 Sue was admitted to the hospital and was told that she had dysphagia and would require a feeding tube. Her condition at the time was deteriorating and we were told to prepare to begin Hospice. We agreed to the feeding tube, but knew that there had to be a better way to get needed fluids and nourishments in her. As she was now having issues with swallowing we had to thicken all of her foods and liquids which would cause challenges in trying to get enough into her to keep her alive!

We struggled with spoon feeding, but it was extremely messy and it didn't allow us to get the proper fluids and nutrition into her. We were always way short of the recommended 64oz of fluids that is requred each day doing this with a spoon ( 64 ounces is 384 teaspoons ). If there was a better way to feed her, and others lke her, I was going to find it.

The EZ Hydration Helper was born out of necessity. After numerous 3D prototypes and revisions the finished bottle was created with not only the patients needs in mind, but the care givers as well. The bottle is easy to fill and clean after use, and is made of a clear food grade plastics which show the remaining product in the bottle. The tip has been designed to allow for different food thicknesses: honey, nectar, and pudding, which are common thickend food consistancies that patients like Sue require for feedings. The neck of the bottle was designed to have a bend in it so those being fed do not need to tilt their heads up, minimizing choking hazards.

Sue has been in and out of hospitals and care facilities over the past few years, and when she is there we are always sure to bring our EZ Hydration Helpers with us to help us feed her. All of the Dr's, nurses and staff are always impressed with the ease of use and the amount of fluids and nutrition that we are able to deliver in such a short time to Sue. Their comments are always the same, this is a 'Game Changer'! Dr's keep telling us that this bottle has probably helped us keep her alive as other commonly used methods do not deliver the same benefits as our EZ Hydration Helper feeding system. This EZ Hydration Helper can be a great help to not only patients like my wife, but anyone that has eating or swallowing difficulties, including children!

- Dave McClaskey, Creator of the EZ Hydration Helper

Product Photos

EZ Recipies

Breakfast Smoothie

• 1 Cup Milk
• 1/2 Cup Oats ( not instant )
• 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon
• 1/2 Tsp Vanilla
• 1 Tbsp Thick-It Thickener
• 3 Prunes ( or other fruit of choice )
• 2 large Eggs
• Nuts ( if desired )

Mix all ingredients together in Microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 2 1/2-3 minutes. Take warmed mixture and blend well and pour into feeder.

Thickened Water

• 20 Oz Water
• 3/4 Cup Thick-It Thickner
• Dash of Artificial Flavor ( or to Taste )

Mix ingredients well for 35 seconds to ensure even mixture. Pour into feeder.

Potato Casserole

•3/4 Cup Prepared Potatoes
• 2 Tbsp Hot Milk

Prepare potatoes per recipe. Note: It's easier to puree when hot. In a processor, blend all ingredients together to a pudding consistency. Reheat and serve. Garnish with sauce, margarine or seasonings. You can add cheese, garlic, or any pureed item or other flavorings for variety. You can use boiled or baked potatoes mashed but no skins.